VBKVK has separate buildings for the different activities at the campus. The main office building also houses the computer lab, soil and water testing lab; and two seminar halls. Dairy and other farm related activities are conducted at a separate location within the campus. Separate hostels for women and men are on two side of one of the demonstration fields and cafeteria is nearby too.

VBKVK has latest ICT facilities with a full-fledged computer laboratory within its premises. The Senior Technical Officer of VBKVK is the resource person for ICT activities for Rajasthan in Zone-VI.  
Facilities at the VBKVK:
  • Access to Internet related applications to the KVKs/ ZPDs on a 24x365 basis.
  • Broad Band connectivity in case of breakdown of VSAT.
  • Voice calls (VOIP) and Fax messaging facility between KVKs/ ZPDs/ Hub.
  • Access to Video channel being broadcast and webcast on 24 hours basis from Hub through the web portal
  • Video Channel, Web portal, VOIP and Internet can facilitate creation of awareness among the farmers and youths of the country about improvements in agriculture technologies.
  • KVKs/ZPDs are equipped with a Server, five desktop PCs, LAN, scanner, printer, and computer furniture to act as information hub for storing and disseminating information on agriculture and also providing online and offline guidance to the farmers.
  • The network has connected KVKs/ZPDs with the technology institutions of the ICAR and thus will provide immense benefits to the farmers.
Vidya Bhawan Krishi Vigyan Kendra is electronically connected through LAN and WAN. This provides opportunity to share recent developments in agriculture and allied sectors. It also helps in sharing of information, farm advisory services etc. by this system. VBKVK has computers for scientist, technical and administrative staff with the purpose of sharing of information, knowledge up-gradation and office automation.
Network Features
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendras VSAT network operates in C-band using transponder space segment on INSAT-3C satellite subleased from ERNET India.
  • The network has one outbound (13Mbps) and 18 Inbound (416Kbps) channels.
  • The network is based on state-of-the-art technology and guarantees Hub uptime of 99.9% and VSAT uptime of 99%.
  • The entire network is being managed and controlled through a Network Management System (NMS) deployed at the Hub.
  • The network is secured through Access List, Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System.
  • The network provides e-connectivity to 200 Krishi Vigyan Kendras and Zonal Project Directorates spread across the country.
  • The VSATs installed at KVKs and ZPDs are connected through the Hub in a Star Topology.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)
VBKVK uses ICT to disseminate various information on agriculture and allied fields to reach out to the farming community and extension functionaries at a faster pace.
1.KVK Facebook
VBKVK also links the people around the world to know and give feedback on our activities. VBKVK is on social networking site Facebook (VB-KVK-Udaipur-Rajsthan-india). Join us on facebook - KVK @ Facebook
2. Farm advise
VBKVK has an exclusive email id ( for queries of farmers and extension functionaries. This is also attached with the website, which gives a global access to VBKVK. Once the query is received VBKVK forward it to the concerned experts and ensures that the reply is send on time.
3. E-publications
VBKVK has E-publications, which are loaded on the website and circulated via email to our partners and stakeholders regularly. The hard copies are sent to farmers and other stake holders who are not able to access internet services.
3. E-publications
VBKVK has E-publications, which are loaded on the website and circulated via email to our partners and stakeholders regularly. The hard copies are sent to farmers and other stake holders who are not able to access internet services.
3. Information hub
VBKVK is one of the 200 KVKs / ZPDs in the country, which have become an information hub with V-sat connectivity established by ICAR.
The facilities at the Hub are used by farmers, scholars and extension functionaries to a great extent.
Orientation programmes on information technology are organised along with training programmes for farmers and other stake holders at VBKVK. This enables the stakeholders to familiarize with the ICT and its application in agriculture.
The presentations telecasted regularly from KVK hub team at Delhi play a vital role in updating the expertise of extension functionaries, farmers and at VBKVK.
Technical Support
  • Zonal Projector Director of Zone-VI
  • Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology
  • ICAR Institutions : National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning NBSS & LUP
  • Vidya Bhawan Society and Sister Institutions
  • Local and State Non Government Organization
  • Local and State Education Institution

VBKVK has well furnished Farmers Hostel housing seven dormitories. It has a Kitchen, Store and Dining-cum-Recreation hall.

A separate Resource Centre and Farm-women Complex has five Discussion Rooms, one Audio-Visual Room, Office and 20 twin-sharing rooms with attached baths.

The Cafeteria can comfortably cater to more than 50 persons at a time.

At VBKVK, "Synchronization of Oestrus" technique in unfertile heifers and cows is used with more than 45 percent success. The villagers admit their infertile animals at the clinic. A minimal daily food and medicine expense is charged from the owners.

VBKVK uses Oestrus Synchronization technique to convert infertile animals into fertile by using a hormonal protocol. This is different from the Ovsynch and Heatsynch protocol. The major difference is that the selection of hormone is based on ovarian palpation. It is successful with animals which haven't conceived due to infection in the genital tract. VBKVK, in technical collaboration with the Department of Animal Husbandry, Udaipur, took lead in training Veterinary officers of the district in 2009-10. Director, Animal Husbandry visited the trainings and assigned VBKVK the task to train 250 Veterinary officers of Rajasthan. During these trainings, Commissioner, AH, Government of India made a visit and emphasized to convert VBKVK into a national training centre for the cure of infertility

VBKVK established first infertility clinic for the farmers of Udaipur district. The present capacity of the clinic is 20 animals at a time, which may be increased up to 50 animals. Also, ATMA- Udaipur has released funds for 400 infertile animals. The results achieved range between 45% to 55%, which is more than the results achieved by A.I. This is of much help to the animal rearers of the state.

Once the treatment results into fertility or reduction in calving interval, the income from animals increases. In the long term, the income part takes over the expenditure benefiting the owner.

A variety of agriculture produce is available at VBKVKs sale counter. People in general have faith in the quality of products, which include dairy and field products. Farming community members, who come for on-campus training, are also introduced to the activities of sale counter.

The soil and water testing lab helps farmers to analyze the nutrient availability in their farm soil and makes recommendation for application of fertilizers to the crops based on soil analysis results. The entire crop based OFTs and FLDs are conducted in farmer's field only after soil analysis. Besides, VBKVK makes a data-base of crop based soil analysis, especially for wheat and maize crops for which the centre runs a number of projects supported by the ICAR, Govt. of Rajasthan and other funding agencies.

Samples like leaf, fruit or stem given to the laboratory are thoroughly analysed and problems and deficiencies are diagnosed. Remedies like the bio-control agents needed to deal with the pests or insects are recommended.

Eco-friendly farming is promoted by providing bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers to the farmers, including crop and vegetable cultivators, at a reasonable cost.