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At Vidya Bhawan Krishi Vigyan Kendra (VBKVK), we are committed to provide technical and training assistance to the farmers of the Udaipur district, so that agriculture becomes an attractive and profitable venture for them in this hilly terrain of Southern Rajasthan.

Agriculture plays a vital role in the economic development of the State and continues to be the backbone of our economy. In the coming years, agriculture will face many challenges due to the rising population. This will directly increase the demand for food and non-agricultural sectors, like industry and urbanization. The scope of increase in arable land and exploitation of additional water resources for irrigation will also decline in future. Hence, there is a greater need for conservation and efficient utilization of natural resources. Agriculture needs sustainable increase in production and improved efficiency in use of locally available resources.

Seventy percent of the population of the Udaipur district lives in rural areas and they depend up on agriculture as their primary source of livelihood.

VBKVK strives to enhance farm productivity and income in rural areas through crop-livestock integrated production systems. It is essential to create multiple livelihood opportunities through sustainable management of natural resources; i.e. land and water. Basic parameter of agricultural development needs to be articulated by promoting value addition, agro processing, post-harvest management, agri-business, marketing of agricultural produce, crop diversification use of Biotechnology, information and communication techniques, ensuring timely availability of inputs (seeds, fertilizers and PP chemicals and bio-agents) efficient crop insurance and easy access for credit to farmers.

We promote judicious and balanced use of nutrients on the basis of soil test as an integral part of integrated nutrient management. Strengthening and expansion of soil testing services and adopting recommended dose of fertilizers has developed as one of our prime areas of work. We shall be expanding our reach through the modern technology for faster and better communication with our farmers. Already, Kisan Mobile Advisory Services, GIS, GPS and Rural Technology Centre are being used and farmers have been trained to adapt to the technology. One of the major challenges is generation of full employment opportunities through labour intensive agricultural, which would result in optimal workdays, especially for rural women.

Development and promotion of women-friendly drudgery-reduction implements, skill up-gradation, and formation of women SHGs are some of the efforts towards women empowerment. Credit linkages and their mobilization for economic empowerment will be targeted too. Besides, incentives to women for undertaking education in agriculture discipline will be encouraged and promoted in a time bound manner. We have close association with Government line department, Agriculture University, Indian Council of Agriculture Research and other agencies for various activities and projects to uplift the farming community at the grassroots level.

VBKVK will continue to work as a friend and guide with the farming community; so that they turn their prime source of livelihood, i.e. agriculture, into a sustainable remunerative business. We are confident that our team's efforts, well established demonstration units and the hard work put in by our farmers and their families will successfully overcome the present scenario of uncertainty in agriculture sector, make it cost effective and bring smiles to their faces.
Dr. A.S. Jodha